Tips For Designing Your New Home Or Remodel

Planning and careful thought are important when investing in the construction of your new home or addition. Your first thoughts naturally are what isn’t working NOW. What you should be thinking about is not only your current situation but your family’s future lifestyle changes.

If you have kids there are certain things they all have in common; they all own a bunch of stuff that’s noisy or makes noise, home gaming systems have become loud and obnoxious, and they eat a lot.

When you are planning a new home you may want to consider a room in the home or basement that serves dual duty as a study area as well as kids entertainment space.

Kids nowadays prefer to turn up the volume on their gaming systems or their big screen tv’s and lets face it, compared to our childhoods, they own a whole bunch of stuff.

Consider walk in closets or built in shelving or cabinets to hide their gear, sports equipment and maybe even out of season clothes and jackets. Plan on keeping this room away from the bedroom space to keep the sound under control.

Building options are endless with Reetz Builders LLC. We will work with you to develop a new home construction plan that will fit your needs now as well as look into the future functionality of your home.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your new home or remodel. Need more space? Allow us to design and build a custom home addition.

You can reach Reetz Builders by logging onto our website at today.


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